Basic Info
Description: Used for weapons and armors
Class: Tools
Weight: 6 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 125
No nexus related to this item
Not makeable
Components in...
Not a component of any items.
Needed as a tool for...
Skill Item
Manufacturing Augmented Leather Armor
Manufacturing Augmented Leather Pants
Manufacturing Black Dragon Cuisses
Manufacturing Black Dragon Greave
Manufacturing Black Dragon Helm
Manufacturing Black Dragon Mail
Manufacturing Blue Dragon Cuisses
Manufacturing Blue Dragon Greave
Manufacturing Blue Dragon Helm
Manufacturing Blue Dragon Mail
Manufacturing Blue Dragon Shield
Manufacturing Blue dragon sword
Manufacturing Bronze Cuisses
Manufacturing Bronze Greave
Manufacturing Bronze Helm
Manufacturing Bronze Plate Mail
Manufacturing Bronze Shield
Manufacturing Bronze Sword
Manufacturing Cutlass
Manufacturing Dragon Blade
Manufacturing Eagle Wing
Manufacturing Emerald Claymore
Manufacturing Frying Pan
Manufacturing Fur Boots
Manufacturing Fur Torso
Manufacturing Halberd
Manufacturing Ice Dragon Cuisses
Manufacturing Ice Dragon Greave
Manufacturing Ice Dragon Helm
Manufacturing Ice Dragon Mail
Manufacturing Iron Axe
Manufacturing Iron Broad Sword
Manufacturing Iron Chain Mail
Manufacturing Iron Cuisses
Manufacturing Iron Greave
Manufacturing Iron Helm
Skill Item
Manufacturing Iron Plate Mail
Manufacturing Iron Shield
Manufacturing Iron Sword
Manufacturing Jagged Saber
Manufacturing Leather Boots
Engineering Nail
Manufacturing Orc Slayer
Manufacturing Padded Leather Armor
Manufacturing Radioactive Rapier
Manufacturing Radioactive Titanium Long Sword
Manufacturing Rapier
Manufacturing Red Dragon Cuisses
Manufacturing Red Dragon Greave
Manufacturing Red Dragon Helm
Manufacturing Red Dragon Mail
Manufacturing Spear
Manufacturing Steel Axe
Manufacturing Steel Chain Mail
Manufacturing Steel Cuisses
Manufacturing Steel Greave
Manufacturing Steel Helm
Manufacturing Steel Long Sword
Manufacturing Steel Plate Mail
Manufacturing Steel Shield
Manufacturing Steel Two Edged Sword
Manufacturing Sunbreaker
Manufacturing Titanium Axe
Manufacturing Titanium Chain Mail
Manufacturing Titanium Cuisses
Manufacturing Titanium Greave
Manufacturing Titanium Helm
Manufacturing Titanium Plate Mail
Manufacturing Titanium Serpent Sword
Manufacturing Titanium Shield
Manufacturing Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword
Manufacturing Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword