Polished Sapphire

Basic Info
Description: Used for various rings and medallions
Class: Jewelry
Weight: 3 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 29
Skill Amount Nexus
Crafting 2 Artificial
Level: 14
Skill: Crafting
Qty Ingredient
1 Sapphire
2 Water Essence
1 Gem Sanding Paper
  Gemstone hammer & chisel
1 Polished Sapphire made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Sapphire Processing
Components in...
Skill Qty Item
Engineering 10 Lightmeter
Engineering 2 Make Rare/Fail Indicator
Crafting 1 Moon Medallion
Crafting 1 Ring of Anitora
Crafting 1 Ring of Bethel
Crafting 1 Ring of Desert Pines
Crafting 1 Ring of Disengagement
Crafting 2 Ring of Glacmor
Skill Qty Item
Crafting 2 Ring of Hurquin
Crafting 3 Ring of Irinveron
Crafting 3 Ring of Iscalrith
Crafting 2 Ring of Isle of the Forgotten
Crafting 2 Ring of Morcraven Marsh
Crafting 1 Ring of Sedicolis
Crafting 3 Ring of Trassian
Needed as a tool for...
Not used as a tool for anything.