Magic Essence

Basic Info
Class: Essences
Weight: 1 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 41
No nexus related to this item
Level: 20
Skill: Alchemy
Qty Ingredient
1 Impatiens
1 Lilacs
1 Emerald
1 Magic Essence made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Book of Magic Essence
Components in...
Skill Qty Item
Magic 2 Heal Allies
Magic 2 Magic Immunity
Magic 1 Magic Protection
Magic 4 Radiation Shield
Magic 1 Remote Heal
Magic 4 True Sight
Alchemy 100 Enriched Magic Essence
Engineering 5 High Explosive Mine
Engineering 45 Invisibility Removal Ward
Engineering 5 Medium Mine
Engineering 90 MI Removal Ward
Potion 10 Potion of Extra Mana
Engineering 8 RC Mine
Crafting 15 Ring of Anitora
Crafting 15 Ring of Bethel
Crafting 25 Ring of Egratia
Crafting 20 Ring of Hulda
Skill Qty Item
Crafting 12 Ring of Idaloran
Crafting 20 Ring of Imbroglio Islands
Crafting 20 Ring of Irinveron
Crafting 22 Ring of Iscalrith
Crafting 20 Ring of Isle of the Forgotten
Crafting 25 Ring of Kusamura
Crafting 6 Ring of Mana Destruction
Crafting 50 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction
Crafting 14 Ring of Melinis
Crafting 8 Ring of Morcraven Marsh
Crafting 30 Ring of Palon Vertas
Crafting 15 Ring of Sedicolis
Crafting 15 Ring of SRM
Crafting 19 Ring of Trassian
Engineering 5 Small Mine
Engineering 6 Snare
Needed as a tool for...
Not used as a tool for anything.