Bones Powder

Basic Info
Description: Used in making various potions
Class: Misc
Weight: 1 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 63
No nexus related to this item
Level: 0
Skill: Alchemy
Qty Ingredient
3 Bones
  Mortar & Pestle
1 Bones Powder made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Components in...
Skill Qty Item
Engineering 3 Attack predictor
Engineering 3 Defense predictor
Engineering 1 Point Defense
Potion 1 Potion of Defense
Skill Qty Item
Potion 3 Potion of Physique
Potion 3 Potion of Reasoning
Potion 3 Potion of Will
Needed as a tool for...
Not used as a tool for anything.