Basic Info
Class: Tools
Weight: 2 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 839
No nexus related to this item
Not makeable
Components in...
Not a component of any items.
Needed as a tool for...
Skill Item
Tailoring Black Baggy Pants
Tailoring Black Blue Striped Baggy Pants
Tailoring Black Buccaneer Hat
Tailoring Black Cavalier Hat
Tailoring Black Cavalier Peacock Hat
Tailoring Black doublet
Tailoring Black jacket
Tailoring Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants
Tailoring Black Red Striped Baggy Pants
Tailoring Black Robe
Tailoring Black Robe Skirt
Tailoring Black Tricorn Hat
Tailoring Black Tunic
Tailoring Black Tunic Black Shirt
Tailoring Black Tunic Green Shirt
Tailoring Black Tunic Purple Shirt
Tailoring Black Tunic Red Shirt
Tailoring Black Tunic White Shirt
Tailoring Black vest
Tailoring Black white dress
Tailoring Black white skirt
Tailoring Black Wizard Hat
Tailoring Blue Cavalier Hat
Tailoring Blue green vest
Tailoring Blue Robe
Tailoring Blue Robe Skirt
Tailoring Blue Tricorn Hat
Tailoring Blue Tunic
Tailoring Blue Tunic White Shirt
Tailoring Brown Baggy Pants
Tailoring Brown blue peasant dress
Tailoring Brown Blue Peasant skirt
Tailoring Brown Buccaneer Hat
Tailoring Brown doublet
Tailoring Brown jacket
Tailoring Brown Robe
Tailoring Brown Robe Skirt
Tailoring Brown Tricorn Hat
Tailoring Brown Tunic
Tailoring Brown Tunic Blue Shirt
Tailoring Brown Tunic White Shirt
Tailoring Brown vest
Tailoring Gray Robe
Tailoring Gray Robe Skirt
Tailoring Gray Wizard Hat
Tailoring Green Cavalier Peacock Hat
Tailoring Green jacket
Skill Item
Tailoring Green Robe
Tailoring Green Robe Skirt
Tailoring Green Tunic
Tailoring Green white dress
Tailoring Green white skirt
Tailoring Lavender Tunic
Tailoring Light Blue Robe
Tailoring Light Blue Robe Skirt
Tailoring Mage Robe Pants
Tailoring Mage Robe Shirt
Tailoring Navy doublet
Tailoring Navy jacket
Tailoring Purple peasant dress
Tailoring Purple Peasant skirt
Tailoring Purple Robe
Tailoring Purple Robe Skirt
Tailoring Purple white dress
Tailoring Purple white skirt
Tailoring Red pink dress
Tailoring Red pink skirt
Tailoring Red Robe
Tailoring Red Robe Skirt
Tailoring Red Scarf
Tailoring Red Tunic
Tailoring Red Tunic White Shirt
Tailoring Red vest
Tailoring Santa Hat
Tailoring Skull Crossbones Scarf
Tailoring Tunic of the Ninja
Tailoring Universal Hood
Tailoring White blue peasant dress
Tailoring White Blue Peasant skirt
Tailoring White doublet
Tailoring White gold wedding dress
Tailoring White Gold wedding skirt
Tailoring White red peasant dress
Tailoring White Red Peasant skirt
Tailoring White Red Striped Baggy Pants
Tailoring White Robe
Tailoring White Robe Skirt
Tailoring White silver wedding dress
Tailoring White Silver wedding skirt
Tailoring White Tunic
Tailoring White Wizard Hat
Tailoring Yellow Robe
Tailoring Yellow Robe Skirt