Enriched Magic Essence

Basic Info
Class: Essences
Weight: 1 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 286
No nexus related to this item
Level: 54
Skill: Alchemy
Qty Ingredient
1 Enrichment Stone
100 Magic Essence
1 Enriched Magic Essence made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Components in...
Skill Qty Item
Manufacturing 2 Black Dragon Helm
Manufacturing 3 Black Dragon Mail
Manufacturing 2 Blue Dragon Helm
Manufacturing 4 Blue Dragon Mail
Tailoring 2 Cape of No More Warlock
Crafting 2 Crown of Mana
Manufacturing 2 Dragon Blade
Summoning 1 Giant Summoning Stone
Manufacturing 2 Ice Dragon Helm
Manufacturing 4 Ice Dragon Mail
Engineering 1 Invasionmeter
Tailoring 2 Mage Robe Pants
Tailoring 2 Mage Robe Shirt
Engineering 1 Magic arrows
Skill Qty Item
Engineering 1 Magic bolts
Crafting 2 Medallion of Mana
Engineering 3 Night Visor
Engineering 1 RC Mine Detonator
Manufacturing 2 Red Dragon Helm
Manufacturing 3 Red Dragon Mail
Tailoring 1 Santa Hat
Crafting 2 Saving Stone
Manufacturing 1 Steel Long Sword of Magic
Manufacturing 1 Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic
Manufacturing 2 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Magic
Tailoring 1 Tunic of the Ninja
Tailoring 5 Universal Hood
Needed as a tool for...
Not used as a tool for anything.